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JSS 2 Computer Science Lesson | Third Term

Get ready to build an ingrained understanding of and competence in all topics of JSS 2 Third Term Computer Science

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What you will learn

  • Students should be able to state the benefits of ICT and list the disadvantages of ICT
  • Differentiate between GSM, Fax machine and telephone.
  • Define the internet, world wide web (www), electronic mails (e-mail), e-mail address and website.
  • Identify internet browser, e-mail address and website address.
  • Open an e-mail addresses
  • Mention the abuses of internet.
  • Recognize and name icons in the internet and send and receive e- mail
  • Send emails and reply to emails.


  • You will require good writing materials, attentiveness and calm learning environment.


Build excellence in JSS (Or JHS) 2 Third Term Computer Science with just one lesson!

This tutorial lesson is a compilation of well-taught, practical Computer Science classes. We duly followed the up-to-date NERDC Syllabus, and touched every aspect highlighted in the scheme. This tutorial is a complete package to help you build full understanding and competence in JSS (or JHS) 2 Third Term Computer Science.


At the end of this lesson, you are sure to build enough competence to write and pass school exams, and external examinations. This lesson is embedded with thorough practice and screening processes to ensure that every core aspect of the course becomes rooted in your understanding. We have provided ample examples, quiz tests, exercises, projects/assignments in EACH class to ensure that you master and remember all the essential points.


In this tutorial, we thoroughly explain every concept taught. We also link the theoretical concepts and help you see where they play out in our real physical world. There is provision of graphic illustration of the various components or parts of the computer system and accessories as they are being discussed. These will help you grab the concepts faster, be more easily able to relate them to the real world, and remember in examinations.


The lesson contains 8+ on-demand lesson videos, downloadable pdf notes and lot more. With our All-Year Access, once purchased, you will always be able to take the classes whenever, wherever, as many times as you like and for as long as you like! At the end of your enrolment, you get the certificate f this course as a proof your enrollment.


The topics in this lesson are compliant with the NERDC Scheme of Work for JSS (Or JHS) 2 Third Term Computer Science, stated;

  • The Internet
  • The Internet Browser
  • Internet Benefits and Misuse
  • Internet Environment: Characteristics Features, Uses
  • Search Engines
  • File Sharing
  • Computer Ethics: Responsible Use of the Internet
  • Computer Ethics: Abuse and Misuse of Computers
  • Safety Measures
  • Safety Measures: Use of Computer Lab and Gadgets


This tutorial is not the traditional Computer Science class. We delivered our lessons with the conscious target that:

  • you see and appreciate the practicality of computer science
  • you build strong competence and understanding of the concepts of JSS (Or JHS) 2 Third Term computer science
  • fun and engaging activities are not missing in any class.
  • you get enough class activities, examples and exercises to ensure you instill the lessons
  • you receive practical tips to help them remember the topics and concepts in exams etc


If you ever need support or help with any confusing part of this tutorial, please feel at ease to use our ‘Q & A’ online discussion feature. We’ll be more than ready to attend to you :).


Who This Course is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into JSS (Or JHS) 2 Third Term
  • Students who need better understanding of Third Term JSS (Or JHS) 2 Computer Science topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from JSS (Or JHS) 2 Third Term Topics
  • Computer Science enthusiasts seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of Third Term JSS (Or JHS) 2 Computer Science.

This course is part of JSS 2 Course Bundle

Course Content

ICT As A Transformation Tool
ICT Gadgets
The Internet I
The Internet (Internet Browser)
The Internet (Internet Browser)
The Internet (Abuse Of The Internet)