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SSS 2 Government Lesson | First Term

SSS (or SHS) 2 First Term Government Made Easy!

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What you will learn

  • Student should be able to explain the meaning of elections and suffrage and also trace the development of suffrage.
  • List type of electoral system and identify the characteristics of each system.
  • Explain the meaning of free and fair election and mention the state in conducting election.
  • Define electoral commission and list the function of an electoral commission.
  • Explain the term public opinion and list the agent involve in the formation of the public opinion.
  • Explain the meaning of mass media and discuss the roles of mass media in days to days running of government.
  • Explain the meaning of civil service and discuss the characteristic of civil service.
  • Explain how civil servant are recruited, disciplined and promoted.
  • Explain the meaning of public cooperation and identify the purpose for setting public cooperation.
  • Discuss the relationship between the ministry, board and management.


  • You’ll require good writing materials, attentiveness. And yes, that’s all!


Learn all you need for excellence in SSS (or SHS) 2 First Term Government!

Government is a pivotal subject in the Arts/Humanities and Commercial departments of  Secondary (or High) Schools all over Africa. Report shows that most students obtain C grades or less in School exams and even international papers like WASSCE. This is partly due to the kind of atmosphere under which students are taught, the delivery mode adopted by the teacher in tutorials, wrong mindsets of students toward the subject etc. In this tutorial lesson, we have taken these out of the way.


The teaching approach is down-to-earth. We consider students of all background and experience in delivering the lessons. Notes are provided for students to download and follow the tutorial, and even to examine after the tutorial. Easy accessibility means you can ‘attend’ class whenever and wherever is convenient for you. What’s more? UNRESTRICTED 1-YEAR ACCESS is provided to that you can always revisit lessons.


This tutorial package has been designed not to only give you good understanding of the conceptual topics of SSS 2 First Term Government. It is also crafted to build competence and skill to perform excellently at national and international examinations like NECO, WASSCE, GCE, JAMB etc.


The topics treated in this tutorial lesson follow the NERDC Scheme of Work for SSS 2 First term Government, stated;

  • Elections
  • Types of Voting
  • Electoral Commission
  • Public Administration
  • Public Corporation
  • Local Government
  • Pre-Colonial Political System in Nigeria: Hausa/Fulani Political System, Igbo Political System
  • Pre-Colonial Political System: Yoruba Political System
  • Colonial Administration
  • British Colonial Policy
  • French Colonial Policy


In this tutorial lesson, ample time is taken to comprehensively explain each concept. The tutorial lesson is also fully packed with examples, illustrations, exercises, QUIZZES and assigments to help you fully grasp the concepts.


Support is provided with our ‘Q & A’ online discussion feature, so that you can interact with the instructor and other learners, should you need help, or desire to help others out.


This tutorial lesson has been worked and carefully designed to ensure that SSS 2 First Term Government becomes a walkthrough for both  first-time learners and those who already have a prior knowledge.


Who This Tutorial lesson is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into SSS 2 First Term
  • Students who need better understanding of SSS 2 First Term topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from SSS 2 First Term Topics
  • Government enthusiast seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of SSS 2 First Term Government.

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Course Content

Electoral Process
Types of Electoral System
Organization of Elections
Electoral Commission and Electoral Officials
Public Opinion
Mass Media
Civil Service
Personal Administration in the Civil Service
Public Cooperation
Structure and Organization of Public Cooperation