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JSS 1 Computer Science Lesson | First Term

Become grounded in all concepts of JSS 1 First Term Computer Science with just one tutorial!

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What you will learn

  • Students should be able to list early counting devices and state the problems in counting large numbers with those dev...
  • Explain and name mechanical counting and calculating devices
  • Name electro- mechanical counting devices and discuss electro- mechanical counting devices.
  • Compare electronic counting devices with modern computers.
  • Identify the five generations of computers and describe the features of each generation.
  • Define basic concepts of computer and define three main parts of the computer as a machine/device.
  • Name component of a computer and describe input, output devices and processing unit
  • Understand practical aspect of booting a computer system


  • You will need to be attentive and ready to learn.


This tutorial lesson, JSS 1 Computer Science Lesson for First Term is a full and essential course. It is all you need to get grounded in JSS 1 First Term Computer, in just a short moment.

The classes are concise, comprehensive and of course engaging. As Computer Science can only be better understood practically, in this tutorial lesson, we ensured to be very practical in our delivery. There is also provision of graphic display or highlights of the various components or parts of the computer system and accessories herein discussed. This will help you grab the concepts faster and be more easily able to relate them to the real world.


Whether you want to build strong understanding on some aspects of  JSS 1 First Term Computer Science, are preparing final exams, or you’re a parent or teacher learning to put your children or students through, don’t miss this tutorial.


The lesson is a compilation of 8+ on-demand lesson videos, downloadable e-notes/textbooks. With our All-Year Access, once purchased, you will always be able to take the classes whenever, wherever, as many times as you like and for as long as you like!


The topics treated in this lesson follow the NERDC Scheme of Work for JSS 1 First term Computer Science, stated;

  • Technology of Different Information Age
  • Historical Development of Computers
  • Generation of Computers
  • Computer Concepts
  • Data and Information
  • Information Transmission
  • Information Evolution and Communication Technology
  • Classification of Means of Transmitting Information
  • ICT
  • Computer Features


This tutorial is not the traditional Computer Science class. We delivered our lessons with the conscious aim that:

  • you see and appreciate the practicality of JSS 1 Computer Science
  • you will build strong competence and understanding of the concepts of JSS 1 First Term computer science
  • fun and engaging activities is not missing from any class.
  • you get enough of class activities, examples and exercises, quizzes and assignments to ensure they instill the lessons
  • learners are given practical tips to help them remember the topics and concepts in exams etc


If you ever need support or help with any confusing part of this tutorial, please feel at ease to our ‘Q & A’ online discussion feature, we’ll be more than happy to help :).


In this lesson, we endeavored to ensure that any learner that enrols eventually build personal competence, better understanding and an increased interest in Computer Science as a subject. You’ll really enjoy it.


Who This Course is for:

  • Students Preparing to resume into JSS 1 First Term
  • Students who need better understanding of First Term JSS 1 Computer Science topics
  • Teachers or Tutors who need quick, in-depth revision or study of the topics
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to guide Children or Wards in studying or solving questions from JSS 1 First Term Topics
  • Computer Science enthusiast seeking to keep shape or have firm grip of First Term JSS 1 Computer Science.

This course is part of JSS 1 Course Bundle

Course Content

Historical Development Of Computer I
Historical Development Of Computer II
Historical Development of Computer III
Historical Development of Computer IV
Historical Development Of Computer V
Definition Of Computer
Component Of A Computer
Practical (How To Boot A Computer)