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Primary 5 English Lessons | Complete Session

This Complete Session will help you build know in depth, Primary 5 English Language. It will help you build a holistic practical competence in oral and written English.

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  • This Course Includes
  • 24 on-demand lessons
  • 13 downloadable notes
  • All year access
  • Access on web and mobile app

What you will learn

  • All primary 5 English first term
  • All primary 5 English second term
  • All primary 5 English third term


  • You will need attentiveness and a good learning atmosphere.


Build Strong Vocabulary in English Language!

‘English Primary 5 Lessons | Complete Session’ is all-inclusive Lesson package. It has been synthesized to meet all your Primary 5 English Language needs, First term to Third term. Do you need a full economic package to get ahead of the school’s scheme, to prepare for your exams or to teach your pupils?

Taught by one of Nigeria’s finest English tutors, Barrister Christiana Essien Ekopimoh (CEF), Primary 5 English Language Complete Session has been designed using science-proven learning techniques to help you, your child/ward or learners love English, learn good vocabularies and speak better English.  If you are a teacher, you can be sure that the tutorial will help you learn better standards to deliver your Primary 5 English Lessons.


This tutorial is more than the regular Primary 5 English Language Lesson. We have adopted means to cater for both your academic and practical English needs. The tutorial contains 24+ well-taught Online Lesson Videos. I made sure to give extensive tutorials on Comprehension, Composition, Dictation, Lexis, Grammar etc. Although, it might not be necessary after taking the video classes, even if you desire to attend extra classes in schools and tutorials, this Lesson is a don’t-miss. This is one of the most practical, comprehensive, explanatory, fun-filled and engaging lesson you can find online and even in conventional schools.

In this Lesson, I ensured:

  • Sufficiently deep explanation of concepts with practical highlights
  • Hints on how to write proper compositions
  • Tips to answer comprehension passages accurately in examination scenarios
  • Reiteration of essential concepts to instill retention
  • Provision of sufficient exercise, examples, quizzes, assignments etc to build competence
  • Detailed guide to solutions and samples of essays, examples etc
  • Teaching proper use of grammatical syntax and lots more…


The topics I have taken in this English Lesson for Primary 5 are based on the UBE/NERDC Scheme of Work.

Real-time support is available on enrolment of the course. You can either message me directly or use the ‘Q and A’ online discussion forum. I’ll be right there with you. You’ll get your certificate on complete of this tutorial. I can assure you, you’ll have fun. It won’t be just you and a teacher. You’ll have the touch of reality. The ‘Q and A’ online discussion forum is a place where you meet with a host of other learner like you, know their names, build healthy relationship, and learn or share knowledge with them. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Who This Lesson is for:

  • Pupils preparing to resume Primary 5
  • Learners preparing for National Entrance Examination
  • Parents/Guardians who desire to put their children through Primary 5 English
  • English Teachers desiring to get a better approach to delivering lessons


And did I mention, once you purchase this Lesson, you have an ALL-YEAR ACCESS to the classes. You can revisit any class for as many times as you need. You can also use the course to put others through. If you desire to introduce this course to others, you can send them the link using the “Share” button above. Adios, see you in class!

Course Content

Comprehension Passage Creation Myths 1
4 Minmin
Creation Myths
3 min : 44 secmin
Comprehension Passage (Federal Road Safety Commission)
3 min : 56 secmin
Comprehension Passage (Ngozi Goes to School)
4 min : 26 secmin
Dictation (Ngozi Goes to School)
3 min : 51 secmin
Comprehension Passage (The Importance of Washing Your Hands)
4 min : 55 secmin
Dictation (The Importance of Washing Your Hands)
2 min : 44 secmin
Comprehension Passage (Scott of the Antarctic)
9 min : 50 Secmin
Comprehension Passage (Questions and Answer)
5 min : 50 secmin
Comprehension Passage (Tayo's Computer)
4 min : 37 Secmin
Dictation (Tayo's Computer)
3 min : 36 secmin
Creative Writing (How I Spent My Last Holiday
7 min : 21 secmin
Good Neibourliness
6 min ; 19 secmin
Intonation Practice in Stament Phonics P & B
7 min : 49 secmin
Introduction to Passive Voice
6 min : 14 secmin
Burning grass
4 min : 55 secmin
Living in a Megacity
6 min : 18 Ssecmin
Dictation (Living in a Megacity
3 min : 37 secmin
Dictation (Why Birds Are Different)
3 minmin